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What is documented in this blog comes from news reports, credible sources. However with that said, we are sure this is not all there are, only what folks have advised us of.

Yes, it is true some folks documented here actually committed sex offenses and there are victim/s of their crimes that may read this blog. Our heart goes out to those victims. Everyone should be angered by those crimes, and we are too.

However, society is not made safer by the subsequent acts that caused the deaths of the folks documented here, in essence vigilante justice, revenge, etc., which society does not condone. Whatever provoked people to these acts has now LIKELY made them a criminal as well, and that does not make society safer!

Note: If someone commits a sex crime, and is prosecuted and receives a death sentence, those folks ARE NOT recorded. Only acts that, result in deaths, that are not permitted by laws, will be documented.

Preface: This blog records deaths of persons (killed or murdered) who were
A) Registered sex offenders; or,
B) Former sex offenders [no longer required to registered]; or,
C) Persons accused of a new sex offense; or,
D) Persons accused of a new sex offense, but innocent; or,
E) Persons -mistakenly- thought to have committed a sex offense, or,
F) Other people killed during the incident sparking documentation.
these distinctions are statistically important.

The purpose of this blog is to document deaths i.e., murders, suspicious or unexplainable deaths, or killings when that term is more appropriate than murder based on the circumstances of a specific death/s.
All of the deaths recorded here fall into one of the groups mentioned in the Preface. With the advent of sex offender registries being made public, and community notification, registrants are automatically made targets, easy to find by registry information. Accordingly, our purpose is to document acts which lawmakers choose to ignore, or claim have not happened. The reality is, people are dieing because of these sex offender laws which prove the laws are not protecting everyone, nor are they making society safer. When laws promote further criminal acts, they do not make society safer!


Article Tags, Topics, Issues Index:
"+" TAGS: Notice that some of the entries have a "+" before them, these are the entries that are educational in nature, or, we are bringing attention to special cases to help Advocates to find these when they speak with Lawmakers. We will post relevant educational material as we find them or are made aware of them. The remaining entries are factual, actual events. All stories are supported by news articles or other reasonable verifiable sources.

So, if you want further information on the "Topic of Murder" seek the "+" entries. Remember though, the strict judicial system meaning of "Murder (i.e., murder)" is not likely what you'll find here, as it is our intent to explore the gray areas, left and right, of the word murder (homicide and attempts thereof); educational in nature but somehow related to sex offenses.

Bad / Dead Article Links:
Unfortunately as time goes on some of the Internet links (sources of news articles) will no longer work. This is due to various reasons such as the news site has been rearranged, older articles are removed or archived, etc. There is nothing we can do about this, which is why we try to capture the essence of a story initially, the relevant facts, so folks can still see what happened later on.

YEAR followed by blank or CC: The year follow by no designation means this is a US case. CC means it is a civil commitment case.

Death/s of RSOs/SOs: We are NOT trying to keep track of Foreign deaths. If someone in the U.S. -has no prior sex offense- and is accused of a sex offense, or believed to have committed a sex offense, their death will be flagged "SO."

Accused / Not Accused: By "accused" we mean was the person was accused of a sex crime at the point of death (if a RSO it would mean recidivism, if a SO it would be their first sex crime). The absence of the word "Accused" would put the case in one of the other designations. Accused includes "thought to have committed a sex crime," whether the thinking is the police or others involved in the case. Now, sometimes it is claimed a person committed a sex crime but authorities cannot find any evidence of it, or, the facts of the article does not show real evidence to support the claim, hence, we tag these "... Accused, but innocent." Selecting appropriate tags is difficult and can change when a newer article reveals more or incorrect evidence; we do our best.

Death/s of Innocent Others: Occasionally, someone is killed who IS NOT the RSO or the SO accused, we call those deaths "Innocent Others" and we keep track of them as well. Generally it is the RSO or SO accused who kills the Innocent Other, but there are times when someone else (Public Servants, Police) who accidentally cause the death. Those cases, "Innocent Other" deaths, are also recorded in our "Deaths Related to Sex Offenders or Offenses" blog, where we count the deaths individually, here in the murder blog we just flag the case "Innocent Other".

Just recently we found a couple of cases where ONLY an "Innocent Other" was killed, hence we have tagged these "Innocent Other - ONLY" and these will also be recorded in the other blog mentioned above.

Article Tags, Topics, Issues Index & Their Meanings:
The most important question we are asked is, how many have died. If you look at the "Article Tags / Topics / Issues" Index (right side of page) you will see "Death/s -" and "Death/s US -". NOTE: "Death/s -" are facts about the cases documented, while the other two are the actual number of deaths shown in the (##). Individual groupings are (Mathematically important):
** Is a very special tag, it identifies incidents where MULTIPLE RSOs were killed. The number (##) is to be ignored for counting purposes (in order to have ## for other entries this one had to have it also, a function of blogs)
  • **Death/s of RSOs - (Mult RSOs Killed)(##)
  • Death/s of RSOs (##)
  • Death/s of RSOs Accused (##)
  • Death/s of RSOs Accused, but innocent (##)
  • Death/s of SOs Accused (##)
  • Death/s of SOs Accused, but innocent (##)
  • Death/s of Innocent Others(##)
  • Death/s of Innocent Others - ONLY(##)
  • -----------------------------------------
  • -- We do not track Foreign Deaths --
  • -----------------------------------------

Multiple RSOs Killed / Multiple SOs Killed: These are incidents were more than one RSO or SO was murdered or killed, in a single crime. The purpose here is to show when multiple offenders were targeted and died at the same time. The individual person/s actually killed is also recorded under "Death/s of RSO/SO" groups.

Deaths by natural causes or other similar cause and are not included: (these are placed in our "Suicides & Other Deaths" blog and Tagged "Death - Not Qualified..."), however, if a person dies and it cannot be determined why or what they died of, then we include the death, and tag them "Review - ..." Later on we go back to see if we can find more about the case, and tag appropriately.

Designating a case a Status Based murder: For a complete explanation of how we make that determination see HERE


Deaths by Public Servants:
Because we noticed a substantial number of deaths involving Law Enforcement, we developed special codes to determine whether the registrant or accused person was somehow armed during these incidents:
Deceased-G means they had a gun;
Deceased-N means no gun;
Deceased-W means they had something else to use as a weapon;
Deceased-U means none of the above can be determined.
In our report we provide percentages of each.

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