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Sheriff: Man killed couple because husband was sex offender

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Vigilantes were members of Crew 41: Note article: "Killing Sex Offenders: The Apparent Hypocrisy of Crew 41"

7-24-2013 South Carolina:

JONESVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - Union County Sheriff David Taylor said two arrests were made in a double-homicide case after two people were found dead inside a Jonesville home Monday.

Taylor said a neighbor called 911 at about 8:40 p.m. and wanted deputies to check on the residents in a home on Furman L. Fendley Highway.

He identified the victims as Gretchen Parker, 51, and Charles Parker, 59, and said they lived in the home where they were found dead.

Taylor said surveillance video helped them identify and arrest Christine, 36, and Jeremy Moody, 30, in connection with the Parkers' deaths. Both were arrested and charged with two counts of murder.

Jeremy Moody told deputies he killed Charles Parker because he was a registered sex offender and planned to kill another registered sex offender on his list on Wednesday had he not been caught, Taylor said. Taylor said Gretchen Parker was killed because she was with Charles Parker.

According to the State Law Enforcement Division website, Charles Parker is listed as a registered sex offender, convicted in 1991 of criminal sexual conduct third degree.

Deputies, neighbor discover bodies in Jonesville home

Taylor said a neighbor had stopped by a few times Monday, but no one came to the door so he called deputies, Taylor said.

Taylor said in a press conference on Tuesday that both victims were shot and also stabbed multiple times but so far, investigators have no leads and have not made any arrests in the case.

"Anytime you have dead bodies, and you don't know who's done the act, it's a threat," Taylor said.

An autopsy done on Monday morning determined that Charles Parker was shot twice, once in the neck and once in the chest, and also suffered from stab wounds, Taylor said. Gretchen Parker was shot once in the chest and stabbed multiple times, according to Taylor.

When deputies arrived, they found the back door open and heard dogs inside the home, Taylor said. He said deputies discovered the bodies of a man and woman in the living room, guarded by several dogs.

Taylor said investigators had to wait for Animal Control to take eight dogs, some puppies, two cats and chickens out of the house and secure warrants before going inside.

State Law Enforcement Division investigators were brought in to help process the crime scene, Taylor said.

Taylor said from everyone investigators have talked to, no one had talked to the Parkers since Saturday. He also said there were no signs of forced entry, though the door was left wide open.

"From everything that we can tell, nothing is missing at this time," Taylor said. "Everything appears to still be intact. The house was not ransacked. So it doesn't appear to be robbery."
Sheriff: Surveillance video shows suspects at scene of crime

According to Taylor, Jeremy Moody said he wanted to kill Charles Parker a year ago but he "chickened out" and then decided to kill him on Sunday. Taylor said Jeremy Moody got the tools necessary to go through with his plans, including a gun, knife, gloves and boots.

Taylor said the Parkers' exterior surveillance cameras showed the Moodys pull up to the home, pop the hood on their vehicle as if it was broken down then encounter Gretchen Parker.

He said Charles Parker came out of the home after his wife for a few minutes before returning inside. That's when the Moodys went inside the home, Taylor said.

According to Taylor, surveillance video shows both of the Moodys walk inside the home. He said Christine Moody appeared to have something in her hand while Jeremy Moody appeared to have a gun in his hand.

Jeremy Moody told deputies that he confronted Charles Parker, telling him he was not there to rob him when they said they did not have any money, according to Taylor.

"He says, 'You think I'm here to rob you, I'm not here to rob you,'" Taylor said Jeremy Moody told deputies. "[He] says, 'I'm here to kill you because you're a child molester.'"

Taylor said Jeremy Moody is affiliated with some type of group and is now under investigation in connection with crimes in other counties. ..Source.. by Erika Kent and Casey Vaughn and Joseph Pereira

Psychologist: To understand Union murders, take 'prison mindset'



It's been said that no sense can be made of crime, but in the case of the double murder of Clarence and Gretchen Parker, deputies say the motive was clear, they say Jeremy Moody told them he targeted Charles Parker, specifically, because he was a child molester.

"Parallel that to the prison system," said psychologist Dr. Roger Rhoades. "Are there a lot of sex offenders hurt or killed (there)? Yeah."

Rhoades said that if you want to see some sense in what happened in Jonesville, you have to take a "prison mindset", and suddenly the case becomes clear.

"The bottom line is if this happened in a prison, there wouldn't even be a glitch, it would just be another day in prison life," he said.

Investigators said both suspects had apparent ties with the white supremacy movement, which has ties to the prison system.

Experts say in some of those circles, sex offenders are seen as below human.

Charles Parker's history as a sex offender included charges in two separate cases in both North and South Carolina, with one of the cases involving a child.

"(The sex offender registry) is an easy hit list of people, who are considered by many to be the lowest of the low," said Brenda Jones, director of Reform for Sex Offender Laws, an organization dedicated to protecting sex offenders' civil rights.

Jones said the connection between white supremacy groups and their hatred of sex offenders is documented.

"If you have people that are prone to hate crimes, then this is just a very, very easy target," said Jones.

No one FOX Carolina spoke with suggested sympathy for what sex offenders have done, but said that those capable of harming sex offenders need to be watched as much as the offenders themselves.

"It's amazing when people are flagged and the authorities are watching him, a lot of times their plan is thwarted," said Rhoades. ..Source.. by Derek Dellinger

Note this 7-26-2013 article, and so far non other, infers Moody got names from the State registry, but the Sheriff says Moody was going through OUR REGISTRY see next article following this one:

When the Offender Becomes the Target, Arrested Killer Planned to Kill More Sex Offenders

A South Carolina man, along with his wife, has been arrested for the death of a sex offender who hasn't done anything wrong to him or his family. He only knew about him, his offenses as well as personal information from the state registry.

Vigilante couple Jeremy Lee Moody and his wife, Christine, were charged with two counts each of murder over the deaths of Charles Marvin Parker and his wife, Gretchen Dawn. Mr Parker was a sex offender convicted of third-degree criminal sexual conduct that happened some 10 years earlier.

Asked why he targeted sex offenders and if he had a previous run-in with them, Mr Moody did not provide detailed answers. There are just people "I hate."

But Mr Moody did confess to investigators that he got Mr Parker's information from the state's registry, and that he randomly attacks sex offenders.

On Sunday, Mr Moody, who lived in Lockhart, went to the Jonesville home of Mr Parker and made a fake concern over his car just so he can be invited into the couple's house. Mr Parker was a mechanic.

"You think I'm here to rob you. I'm not here to rob you. I'm here to kill you because you are a child molester," Sheriff David Taylor quoted Mr Woody's narration during initial investigation talks.

He then allegedly shot and stabbed the couple. Mrs Parker, who was found to be an accomplice of her husband's sex offense against a mentally challenged woman in 2003, was killed because she just happened to be there at that time.

Mr Taylor said Mr Woody had originally planned to kill Mr Parker in 2012.

At the time he was arrested on Wednesday, Mr Woody was set to kill another sex offender.

"He planned to kill another sex offender on the register today," the sheriff said. by Esther Tanquintic-Misa

Double Murder Seen as Part of Man’s Quest to Kill Sex Offenders

When Charles Parker registered as a sex offender in the small upstate town of Jonesville, S.C., he became a prospect on another man’s kill list, the authorities say.

Mr. Parker, 59, died this week at his home, shot in the neck and chest and then stabbed. His wife was also shot and stabbed.

Sheriff’s officials believe that the double murder in Jonesville, a one-square-mile town of about 900 residents, was not the byproduct of a botched drug deal or a home invasion. Rather, they suspect that Mr. Parker’s death was intended as the opening phase of a man’s quest to purge sex offenders from Union County.

“He went through our sex offender registry,” said Sheriff David H. Taylor, “and individually picked out targets.”
Note: Union County uses Watch Systems to handle their registry needs. Scroll down this Watch Systems client list till you come to Union County.
After the suspect, Jeremy Moody, 30, was arrested on Wednesday, he acknowledged to the authorities that he had planned to kill again on Thursday. And he said that he had explained to Mr. Parker why he had been targeted.

“I’m not here to rob you,” investigators say Mr. Moody told Mr. Parker. “I’m here to kill you because you’re a child molester.”

Mr. Parker had been convicted of sex offenses, but not child molesting.

Mr. Moody, a resident of nearby Lockhart, had long been a subject of monitoring by law enforcement officials, who followed his postings on social media Web sites before losing track of his online presence about a year ago.

Sheriff Taylor declined to elaborate on what specifically prompted his agency’s concerns about Mr. Moody, who has a criminal record and the word “skinhead” tattooed across his neck.

“We’ve never thought of him as possibly being a serial killer, but he is someone who we have been watching for the last several years,” Sheriff Taylor said. “We’re in the South, and it isn’t often you see people running around here with ‘skinhead’ tattooed under their neck.”

Whether Mr. Moody has formal ties to white supremacist groups remains a focus of the investigation. Both the Parkers were white.

The authorities have not ruled out the possibility that Mr. Moody played a role in other crimes, and investigators have asked officials in neighboring counties to review whether their files contain any unsolved murders in which the victims were sex offenders.

Mr. Moody and his wife, Christine, have both been charged with two counts of murder in connection with the Jonesville killings, although her role appears to have been limited.

“I don’t know if she originally knew that was what they were going there for, but she went in the house behind him while he had a gun in his hand,” Sheriff Taylor said. “She knew they weren’t there for lunch.”

The murders have shaken Union County, the site of the well-known 1994 killings of two children by their mother, Susan Smith. It is otherwise a place largely without serious crime.

“You hate hearing anything like that,” said Grady Carson, an employee at a hardware store where the Parkers shopped. “We’ve all done something in our past, and nobody wants someone to show up with a gun and play God.”

Jack Levin, a criminologist who is co-director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University, said it was likely that Mr. Moody possessed a common trait among killers.

“Serial killers often attempt to justify their killing sprees, and they usually do it by dehumanizing their victims,” Dr. Levin said.

But the case in South Carolina is otherwise odd, he said.

“It’s very unusual that someone would set out to kill large numbers of sex offenders.”

Mr. Moody is not the first person accused of targeting sex offenders. As recently as last month, a California jury convicted a 36-year-old man of killing a neighbor who was a sex offender, and a Washington State man was sentenced in 2012 to life in prison for a pair of similar killings. ..Source.. by ALAN BLINDER

Couple Arrested for Sex Offender Killing Spree Only Created More Victims

7-30-2013 South Carolina:

Nobody likes sex offenders. It's a simple truth. But a South Carolina husband and wife team charged with killing a sex offender and the criminal's wife aren't exactly heroes either.

Cops say Jeremy Moody and his wife, Christine, shot and stabbed Charles Parker and his wife, Gretchen, simply because Parker was on the state's sex offender registry. Scarier, still? Moody allegedly planned to go on a spree, killing every sex offender he could find.

I know, it's tempting to do the same. As I mentioned before, no one likes a sex offender, least of all me.

But if you can't see what's wrong with killing Charles Parker, a man who technically was free to go about his life and who wasn't actually doing anything wrong when he was murdered, at least you can see the problem with killing Gretchen Parker. She wasn't a sex offender. She hadn't hurt anyone.

All she did was end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cops say she was killed only because she was in the house.

Now just imagine the Moodys hadn't been caught, if they'd been able to continue with their alleged plans to travel the state taking out sex offenders, one by one. If they cared so little for Gretchen Parker's life, just imagine how many other innocent victims would have been left in their wake? People who don't carry the stain of having done something horrible to other people.

Vigilante justice sounds like it's heroic. It's been romanticized by countless books and movies.

But the sad truth is, there's nothing heroic about taking lives. At the end of the day, it's still a crime, and it still hurts countless people. ..Source.. by Jeanne Sager


Union slaying suspect on sex-offender victim: "He was a demon"

7-30-2013 South Carolina:

UNION, SC — Two suspects charged in the deaths of a registered sex offender and his wife had something to say to reporters Monday as they faced a judge on additional charges.

Jeremy Lee Moody, 30, and his wife, Christine Moody, 36, both of 213 S. 1st St., Lockhart, were charged Monday by the Union County Sheriff's Office with first-degree burglary and two counts each of kidnapping and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, Sheriff David Taylor said.

The Moodys were charged last week with two counts each of murder in the deaths of Charles Marvin Parker, 59, and his wife, Gretchen Dawn Parker, 51, at their home at 2809 Furman Fendley Highway, Jonesville. Both Parkers were shot and stabbed, investigators said.

Authorities say Charles Parker was targeted because he was a registered sex offender, and that Jeremy Moody has admitted planning to kill another registered sex offender, had he not been arrested.

As Christine Moody was being led in to her bond hearing Monday before Judge Arthur T. Sprouse, she said of the victims: "These were pedophiles." When asked whether the killings were connected to the white supremacy group Crew 41, she replied: "I'm a supporting member of Crew 41. This had nothing to do with Crew 41."

Sprouse explained the additional charges to Christine Moody at the hearing. She admitted that the chance of receiving bond was pretty slim. "God is good all the time, but he's not that good, your honor, she said. "You're going to PR (personal recognizance) me, aren't you?" she added with a laugh. "Because we go way back."

Near the end of the brief hearing, Moody asked Sprouse whether she would go to court on Oct. 8 with her husband.

"I'd like to see my husband again," she said. "I love him very much."

As she walked out of the hearing, a reporter asked whether she felt Charles Parker deserved to be killed.

Christine Moody stopped, looked straight into a TV camera and said, "He was a demon."

Jeremy Moody was less talkative with Sprouse. But as he came out of the hearing, he gave reporters a thumbs up.

A reporter told Jeremy Moody that his wife had called Charles Parker a pedophile and a demon.

"He's all of those things," Jeremy Moody said. "He deserved what he got."

Jeremy and Christine Moody are being represented by public defender Eric Delaney. Delaney has met with the couple since their arrests last week, but did not appear with them in court Monday.

Taylor said the Moodys had cooperated with investigators in giving statements and other information about the killings, so the additional charges were delayed.

Taylor said he has learned that white supremacists sometimes target sex offenders, even if they're not of a different race. He wouldn't comment on whether the killings would be classified as a hate crime.

"We're still working with the FBI," Taylor said. "We're still working this case. I see no timeline on when it may be over."

The FBI defines a hate crime as a "traditional offense like murder, arson or vandalism with an added element of bias," according to the agency's website. In order to collect statistics, Congress defines such crimes as "a criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation."

In 2011, according to the most recent FBI figures, 1,944 law enforcement agencies reported 6,222 hate crime incidents to the agency, involving 7,254 offenses.

Jeremy Moody has a prominent "skinhead" tattoo across his throat, along with the words "white power" tattooed on the top of his bald head. He also has an eagle and swastika, "Made in America" and other tattooed symbols associated with skinheads.

On their Facebook pages, Christine and Jeremy Moody use the last name Mengele, the last name of German physician Josef Mengele, who was known for his inhumane medical experiments on twins and other prisoners at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. Christine Moody's page contained posts last week in which she appeared to be trying to recruit new members for Crew 41 and used racial slurs, but those posts had been removed by Monday.

Taylor said investigators are still gathering intelligence on Crew 41, a white supremacy group that according to Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil-rights group, is less than a year old and claims to have chapters in Nebraska, Utah and South Carolina.

According to Southern Poverty Law Center statistics, there are 1,007 known hate groups in the U.S., including neo-Nazis, Klansmen, white nationalists, neo-Confederates, racist skinheads and black separatists. That number includes 21 documented groups in South Carolina. Of those 21, five are based in the Upstate, including an anti-gay group and a white nationalist group in Spartanburg County.

Despite the Moodys' apparent ties to white supremacy and Crew 41, Taylor said investigators think they were acting independently of the group. Last week was a learning process for the sheriff and local investigators, who have rarely dealt with hate and white supremacy groups, Taylor said.

"I learned a lot, more than I knew last week," the sheriff said.

The Moodys are scheduled for their initial appearances in general sessions court Oct. 8. ..Source.. by JENNY ARNOLD

Sex offender's killers kiss after verdict, would have 'killed more'

5-6-2014 South Carolina:

Felon calls those in court 'perverts'

UNION, S.C. —A man and his wife pleaded guilty to shooting and killing a registered sex offender and his wife and kissed in court after they were sentenced Tuesday.

Suspects Jeremy Moody, 30, and his wife, Christine Moody, 36, told a judge they were guilty of murder in the deaths of Charles "Butch" Parker, 59, and his wife, Gretchen Parker, 51, on July 21, 2013.

The Moodys, who are from Union County, also pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and possession of a weapon during commission of crime of first-degree burglary.

Christine Moody looked often at her husband during the hearing with a big smile on her face, according to WYFF News 4's Mike McCormick.

Jeremy Moody pleaded guilty to all charges first. His wife did the same thing just minutes later.

After she pleaded guilty, the judge asked, "Has anyone promised you anything in exchange for your plea?"

Christine Moody answered, "Just fame and fortune."

Sentencing hearing

During the sentencing hearing, Jeremy Moody’s attorney Harry Dest told McCormick that his client has a mental illness that's a combination of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. He went on to say his family has a dark secret of sex abuse within the family, and he has a heightened sensitivity to the effects of sex abuse.

During the hearing, Moody addressed the court and said, "Not a day goes by that I don't regret what I did. I know God has forgiven me. With the right medication, this wouldn't have happened. Please have mercy on Christine and me so we can have the chance to grow old together."

The doctor who evaluated Jeremy told the court that his mental illness made him believe God wanted him to commit the crime to get rid of sex offenders.

Moody said he believed he needed to do what God wanted him to do, the doctor said.

The doctor went on to say there was no question of Jeremy’s mental competency. “He knows right from wrong,” he said.

Christine Moody's attorney, Derek Chiarenza, told the court that his client is lucid, intelligent and witty.

“We were told by solicitor that if the case went to trial it likely would've been a death penalty case,” Chiarenza said. “That factored into our decision to plead,” he added.

Chiarenza told the court that from the age of two, his client had suffered sexual abuse, which continued to time of her early teens.

After that, she was raped by a 28-year-old pedophile, who stalked her and abused her after his release from prison.

“This isn't an excuse, but nothing happens in a vacuum,” Chiarenza said.

Christine Moody also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, border line personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. Chiarenza told the court.

“She may have an infective instability that causes her to have radical views of society, and the need to have supremacy over her life and society at large,” Chiarenza said.

But Chiarenza went on to say that his client is a cancer survivor, who underwent a double mastectomy.

“Thirty years in the (Department of Corrections) could be viewed as a break, but 30 years in the SCDOC is by no means a cakewalk,” Chiarenza said.

“Life has knocked her around a good bit,” he added.

Outbursts from Moodys after sentencing

Following the hearing, the Moodys were each sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for murder, and a life sentence for burglary and a five year for burglary, both concurrent. They were not sentenced for kidnapping because of the murder conviction and sentence.

Judge Lee Alford said, “Sentencing is not easy for the court, but justice has to be done in this case. The attorneys have done an excellent job. These defendants have been smiling at each other in court. She was not a follower. They acted in concert. They brutally killed these two people. I believe that if these two got out is be concerned that they'd kill some other innocent people.”

McCormick said that after the sentencing, the couple kissed.

Jeremy Moody yelled that the sentences were "unfair." He said, “If I had to do it again, I'd kill more."

He shouted, "See you perverts later! That's what child molesters get," as he left court.

As Christine Moody left court she said, “My lawyer made me say that I repented. It was a lie.”

And about the victims’ families she said, “May they die also!”

Double-homicide background

The Moodys have been held without bond since their arrest on July 24.

Union County Sheriff David Taylor said during a news conference after their arrest that the Moodys killed Butch Parker because he was a registered sex offender, and they intended to kill another sex offender after that.

Taylor said three surveillance cameras owned by the victims were pivotal in the Moody's arrests.

In the video, the Parkers are seen talking to the Moody in their yard for about 10 minutes until they walked back toward the house, according to Taylor.

Taylor said Christine Moody is seen on tape getting out of the car holding something behind her. Jeremy Moody is recorded holding a handgun as he walked toward the Parkers' home.

Butch Parker was recorded on camera saying, "We don't have any money." Jeremy Moody responded, "I'm not here to rob you. I'm here to kill you because you're a child molester."

Referring to Christine Moody's role, Taylor said, "She was an active participant just as he was. She knew a crime had been committed." "The hand of one's the hand of all," Taylor explained.

Taylor said autopsies Tuesday found that Butch Parker was shot twice, once through the neck and once through the chest, and was also stabbed multiple times. Gretchen Parker was shot in the chest and stabbed multiple times, he said. ..Source.. by Janice Limon

Skinhead Couple Gets Life for Killing Registered Sex Offender in S. Carolina


After being sentenced to life in prison by a Union County, South Carolina judge for killing a registered sex offender and his wife, a pair of white supremacists lashed out at the victims' family with a vitriolic rant.

"See you perverts later," Jeremy Moody shouted at Charles and Gretchen Parker's family as he was ushered out of court in May 2014. "That's what child molesters get."

Moody's wife and accomplice, Christine, told reporters outside the courthouse as she walked to a police car in shackles:

"Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life."

Minutes prior, the Moody’s were singing a different tune, apologizing to Union County Judge Lee Alford for shooting and stabbing Parker, 59, and his 51-year-old wife inside the Parkers' rural home.

The Moody’s had been convicted of murder, kidnapping and first-degree burglary.

After a morning at church, the Moody’s drove to the Parkers' home—an address presumably retrieved from a handy, online sex offender registry—and popped the hood of their car as if it had stalled. When Charles Parker came outside to assist the Moodys, Jeremy Moody, 31, pointed a gun at him and ordered him inside.

The Moodys then told the Parkers exactly why they were about to kill them—because they believed they had been given a divine assignment to kill all sex offenders, according to a psychologist who examined Jeremy Moody—before Moody shot the Parkers and his wife stabbed them.

A surveillance camera on the Parkers' property showed the Moody’s leaving, and deputies reportedly recognized Jeremy Moody by the "skinhead" tattooed on his neck and "Made in America" tattooed on the side of his head.

According to prosecutor Kevin Brackett, the Moodys were members an online white supremacist group called Crew 41. Brackett also said the Moody’s claimed to have killed other sex offenders, but no evidence was found to support those claims.

The Moodys' defense lawyers said the couple had both been sexually abused as children and that Jeremy Moody has schizophrenia and was not on his medication the day he and his wife killed the Parkers.

The Moodys asked the court to sentence them to 30 years so they could see their children and grow old together.

"He got what he deserved. He would kill again if he was let out," Charles Parker's sister Brenda Franklin said of Jeremy Moody. "He can say whatever he wants. He's dying in prison."

Man serving life for killing sex offender loses appeal 6-17-17 South Carolina:

UNION, S.C. (AP) - A man who along with his wife killed a sex offender in South Carolina because they said God told them to will not have his guilty plea overturned.

The Herald of Rock Hill reports ( ) a judge Friday rejected 34-year-old Jeremy Moody's argument his court-appointed lawyers didn't do enough to investigate his mental illness before he pleaded guilty to murder in 2014.

Prosecutors say Moody shot Charles Parker and his wife in their Union home because they knew the mechanic was on the sex offender registry.

Authorities say Moody's wife, Christine, then stabbed the couple. Both of them are serving life sentences after pleading guilty to murder.

Jeremy Moody shouted "see you perverts later" and "that's what child molesters get" at Parker's family as he left court after the plea. ..Source..

S.C. 'skinhead' said God told him to kill sex offenders, wanted conviction tossed out

An unapologetic white supremacist serving three life sentences for killing two people in 2013 was denied a new trial Friday. He claimed God told him to kill sex offenders.

Jeremy Moody, 34, of Union County, pleaded guilty in May 2014 to two counts of murder, burglary, kidnapping and other charges. He later filed a post conviction relief lawsuit claiming his court-appointed lawyers should have done more in the case to explore his mental illness.

Moody asked for the convictions to be tossed out.

A hearing was held in April in York at the Moss Justice Center. Judge Thomas Cooper dismissed the lawsuit Friday, said Dorothy Moore, spokesperson for the S.C. Attorney General’s Office who argued Moody had competent counsel and should stay in prison for the rest of his life.

Kevin Brackett, 16th Circuit solicitor who prosecuted Moody, called the decision the right one.

“Mr. Moody is right where he belongs,” Brackett said.

Moody and wife Christine each pleaded guilty to the killings of Charles and Gretchen Parker, just over the border from York County, and said they would do it again. Moody told police if he hadn’t been caught, he would have kept killing. Charles Parker had been registered as a sex offender.

At the time of the 2014 trial, Jeremy Moody had “skinhead” tattoo across his throat and the words “white power” tattooed on the top of his bald head.

Both Moodys had mental illnesses, their lawyers said when each pleaded guilty at the same time in a hearing and aftermath that caught national attention because of the rants and taunts the couple made about being proud of their crimes. ..Source..

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