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Wanted Horry County child rapist shot and killed in Alabama

8-12-2013 Alabama:

Huntsville Alabama police said a man who was shot Friday morning in an incident involving an officer has died.

The victim was identified as Brent Egan Dotson, age 57, who was wanted for sentencing in a case of child rape.

Horry County police had been searching for Dotson who was wanted after being convicted of raping a 6-year-old girl.

Authorities said Dotson failed to show up for his trial in December, but the trial moved forward without him and he was convicted.

Alabama police got a 911 call at 8:07 a.m. Friday about a suspicious person at Mountain View Mobile Home Park on Slaughter Road, just south of Highway 72.

It's not known how long Dotson was in north Alabama or where he may have been staying, WHNT-TV reported.

Mountain View resident Samantha Perry told WHNT that she called police after spotting a man, who turned out to be Dotson.

She told the TV station that she saw the entire shootout unfold from her front window.

"He just didn't look right, he looked disturbed, very crazy," said Perry. "It's kind of shocking cause he could've gotten to my kids and the rest of the kids around here. I just can't believe somebody like that was here… I hate that the man lost his life, but he can't hurt no more kids, and I'm glad."

The Huntsville police officer who fired his weapon remains on administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

The suspect in the shooting also showed a weapon and fired it, Hobbs said. Police spokesperson Harry Hobbs confirms an officer was involved, and fired his weapon in return.

Investigators are still trying to determine who fired the shot that hit the man.

Police are trying to determine if Dotson was shot by police or if his wound was self-inflicted. ..Source.. by Brie Jackson

One of Horry County's Most Wanted killed in AL weekend shooting

Brent Egan Dotson is number one on Horry County's list of most wanted men for failure to appear for a lewd act committed on a child under 16. Horry County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jeff Benton confirmed that Dotson was shot and killed in Huntsville, AL on Friday morning.

Huntsville police say the shooting happened at the Mountain View Mobile Home Park on Slaughter Road near Highway 72 in Huntsville Friday morning.

Officers received a call about a suspicious person at the trailer park sometime after 8 a.m., and police found a man at the premises and questioned him shortly after they arrived. The man then produced a gun and fired a shot. An officer fired a shot in return.

Dotson was transported to Huntsville Hospital and died around 9 a.m. Police are investigating whether his injury was self-inflicted or from the officer.

The officer involved was not injured. As with any officer-involved shooting, he has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Witnesses said the scene was traumatizing, especially for children who were around at the time. "We know a lot of these kids," said resident Samantha Perry. "It's very scary, especially with my kids not knowing what kind of people are around." Perry said the sounds of gunfire terrified her two children.

The Horry County Sheriff's Office has been working closely with the Huntsville, AL Police Department and their coroner's office.

Dotson's last known address was on Homestown Road in Myrtle Beach. Horry County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Cox said people who are wanted sometimes try to blend in with tourist and the transient populations along Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach. Some leave the state, and depending upon the severity of the crime, the Solicitor's Office will grant them access to chase them down.

WMBF News featured him on "Horry County's Most Wanted" in January. ..Source.. by WMBF News Staff

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