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Englewood woman accused of using baseball bat in murder of man she suspected of molesting a child

9-24-2013 Colorado:

An Englewood woman is accused of using a baseball bat to kill a man who she suspected of sexually assaulting a child.

Court records show that Forsythia Eliese Owen, 30, is accused of committing the murder on September 22.

Englewood police identified the murder victim as Denzle Rainey, 42. Officers found him in an alley between the 3600 block of S. Sherman and S. Grant Streets at 1:11 a.m. Sunday.

According to an affidavit obtained by 7NEWS, Owen confessed to officers in the Englewood Police Department's recorded interview room. She told the officers that the child, whose name is redacted from the document, said Rainey "had touched and sexually abused her."

The officers asked if Owen was responsible for Rainey's death.

"Owen stood up and said she killed him," the affidavit says. "Owen swung her hands back and forth and demonstrated how she struck Rainey over and over again because of what he did to [name redacted]."

Rainey suffered lacerations to his head and a skull fracture. Both arms, six ribs and his left hand were broken. His liver was also lacerated.

"It didn't look like my husband because his head was so beaten," Rainey's estranged wife, Lisa Rainey, told 7NEWS.

After describing the beating, the affidavit says Owen told officers, "I need a lawyer, or I should have just said this with a lawyer."

She continued to talk to the officers, however. She explained that she had learned Rainey slept in the alley and approached him with the baseball bat while he slumbered. She described where she hit Rainey and said he was still breathing when she left him in the alley.

Rainey was taken to Swedish Medical Center, where police say he later died of injuries caused by blunt force trauma.

The affidavit also shows officers interviewed a man Owen visited on the day of Rainey's death. Phil Martinez said Owen told him Rainey and another man had done something to the child.

"She was just babbling and babbling," Martinez told 7NEWS about Owen's visit.

"I don’t think my husband is doing that," Lisa Rainey said about Owen's accusations. "I think she is covering up for somebody. And I want to know: What was the real reason why she did (that) to my husband? He doesn’t deserve to be dead right now."

Owen appeared in court on Tuesday for an advisement hearing and is scheduled to return to court on Sept. 27. She is being held in the Arapahoe County Detention Facility.

"When she does go to court I want her to look in my eyes and my kids eyes and see how sad we are," Lisa Rainey said.

18th District Attorney spokeswoman Lisa Pinto said that Owen and Rainey were acquainted.

Owen's record in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation database shows she was found guilty of assault involving a drugged victim in 2002 after two other assault charges were dropped by the DA. She was also arrested for a 2004 probation violation.

Rainey's record includes drug and alcohol-related charges.

Lisa Rainey said they had been going through a rough patch, but they were trying to get through it when this happened. ..Source.. by Ryan Budnick, Jaclyn Allen and Phil Tenser

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