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Rapist killed in cell in Jefferson City prison

2-17-2014 Missouri:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. Authorities are investigating a homicide involving inmates at the Jefferson City Correctional Center.

The Cole County sheriff's office said Monday that inmate Daniel Skipper, 65, was killed Sunday in his prison cell. He had been serving a sentence for statutory rape and sodomy.

The sheriff's office identified the suspect in Skipper's slaying as his cellmate — 23-year-old Ryan Vaught, who was serving a sentence for armed criminal action and assault. He has been placed in a segregated unit.

The sheriff's office said inmates in a neighboring cell reported hearing a violent disturbance. The sheriff's office says Skipper was found with multiple wounds to his face and scalp and had a piece of fabric wrapped around his neck.

An autopsy is planned for Tuesday. ..Source.. by Post-Dispatch


Anonymous said...

my son was celled with the suspect glad it wasnt him that jeff city correctional is horrible they have an ugly reputation to uphold and do a good job of it

Alan Brady said...

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