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Sex offender's prison death investigated

4-1-2014 Tennessee:

State prison officials and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are looking into the death of a convicted child rapist at a facility that has struggled with inmate violence.

Jeffery T. Sills was found face down and unresponsive Friday morning at the South Central Correctional Facility in Wayne County, public information officer Greg Abrams said in a statement.

A correctional officer found Sills while unlocking cells for breakfast in the Columbia housing unit. Medical staff were called and tried to revive him.

Local paramedics took Sills to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, Abrams said.

The TBI would only confirm the case is being handled as a death investigation.

"The investigation on our end continues to move along very well. But beyond that, we cannot offer any specifics at this point," spokesman Josh DeVine said Monday.

The prison, which is privately run through Corrections Corporation of America, has been put on lockdown status. Inmates are kept in their cells and must be escorted if needing to go anywhere else.

The facility spent several weeks on lockdown last September after a series of fights broke out and an inmate was killed.

During a lockdown in 2007, officers had to use riot gear and a chemical agent to get inmates back into their cells. ..Source.. by Ned Dannenberg

Man charged with killing cellmate in Clifton prison


WAYNESBORO, TN (WSMV) - A Wayne County grand jury has indicted a man for killing his cellmate at a Clifton prison.

Travis E. Bass, 33, has been charged with first degree murder in connection with the March 28 death of Jeffery T. Sills, 43, of LaFollette, TN, at the South Central Correctional Facility in Clifton.

Bess allegedly attached Sills in their cell at the Clifton prison. Sills died at the Waynesboro hospital after the attack.

The Wayne County grand jury returned an indictment against Bess on June 13. On Thursday, Bess was served with charge. He remains in Tennessee Department of Correction custody.

Sills had been convicted of raping a 7-year-old child ..Source.. by Chuck Morris

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Anonymous said...

The main compound at SCCF is very dangerous. Even the sheltered housing unit (Enterprise) and the min. security annex are not immune to sex offender harassment, etc. I was there from Dec. 18, 2002 until March 19, 2012. I was housed at the min. security annex once I was eligible (Aug. 2005). Apollo, Gemini, and Columbia are very violent housing units. The administration is well aware of what happens to sex offenders at their facility, but from this it seems they do little to aggressively manage those who target and victimize sex offenders. No wonder C.C.A. doesn't want to publicize the number of sexual assaults that take place at their facilities. Every prison should have a separate phase (housing area) just for sex offenders and even that should be divided up by adult or child victims.

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