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Two accused of burning a Troy tow truck to collect insurance money

7-2-2014 New Hampshire:

Folks may remember the case of David Wheelock, a RSO, who was murdered in his home.

Well today the following is reported about a person (Root) who also lived in the home with David Wheelock at the time of his murder (The home was a multi-family unit) :
Laurence S. Root, 27, of Keene is charged with burglary in Keene on April 15. Root is accused of breaking into the home at 170 Pearl St. where he once lived. Police say Root was arrested after trying to sell a stolen television on a social media website.

Root is a former roommate and friend of David E. Wheelock, 48, of Keene, who was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds he suffered inside the Pearl Street home in December. The homicide remains under investigation by the N.H. Attorney General's Office and the Keene Police Department. ..Source.. by Alyssa Dandrea


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