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Sex offender shot to death in Cleveland, TN after daylight abduction

11-26-2014 Tennessee:

A kidnapped woman and three children were in the house where Cleveland, Tenn., police shot to death a convicted sex offender who lunged at them with a knife, authorities said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is still piecing together what happened on Tuesday that led to the death of Robert Edwin Eaves, 51, a self-described "jack of all trades" who was convicted of attempted rape in 2006.

The TBI and Cleveland police said Eaves, who lived on Vista Drive NW, abducted a 28-year-old woman who lived nearby at about 11:30 a.m. -- broad daylight -- and took her to a house on Phillips Street, halfway across town and a few blocks off of South Lee Highway in Cleveland.

He took the woman inside the house, authorities said, where there were three children, including a 16-year-old baby sitter. It's not known what relationships, if any, Eaves had to any of the other people involved, but TBI officials said Eaves was threatening the safety of everyone in the home.

One of the children managed to call their mother, who called 911, authorities said. Cleveland police showed up in just minutes.

When the two officers, identified as 25-year-old Jacob Varnell and 45-year-old Jody Musselwhite, arrived at the Phillips Street address, Eaves pulled a knife and attempted to assault them, TBI officials said.

The officers drew their weapons and "one or both of the officers" fired on Eaves, killing him, the TBI said.

Eaves described himself on his Google+ page as a handyman and a 2011 graduate of Cleveland State Community College.

The TBI's Sex Offender Registry shows that Eaves was convicted in 2006 of criminal attempt to commit rape and that he was classified as an active and violent offender.

The TBI investigation is continuing. Standard practice is for officers who use deadly force to remain on administrative leave while the evidence is gathered and weighed.

Cleveland police spokeswoman Sgt. Evie West said the department has not had an officer-involved shooting in more than 10 years. ..Source.. by Ben Benton

Cleveland Police Officers, Victim Identified in Deadly Shooting

The Cleveland Police Department has called in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate a deadly shooting involving two Cleveland Police officers.

The shooting happened just before noon Tuesday morning at a home on the 1000 block of SW Phillips Street.

The man who was killed has been identified as Robert Edwin Eaves, 51, of Cleveland. Eaves is a registered sex offender. Eaves was convicted in 2006 of attempted rape.

TBI investigators say that Eaves abducted a 28-year-old woman from a location near his home and took her to the home on Phillips Street, where three children, including a 16-year-old babysitter were inside. Eaves gained entry to the home, and threatened the safety of those inside.

One of the children was able to call their mother, who immediately notified authorities around 11:30 am. Two Cleveland Police officers, Jacob Varnell, 25, and Jody Musselwhite, 45, soon arrived to the house. During an interaction with the officers investigators say Eaves produced a knife, came at them and one, or both of them opened fire killing Eaves.

"Me and my wife were sitting on the back porch an we heard a bunch of shots go off. We thought somebody had shot a bunch of fireworks or something," says neighbor Jerry Cross.

Varnell and Musselwhite were not hurt. Both have been placed on administrative leave, a standard procedure in any officer-involved shooting.

Another neighbor, Dessi Helton said, "I pulled back in here I guess about 12. I pulled in the driveway and there was one police car down in there. I turned around and looked and there was about 11 the next time I looked."

Helton said she saw several children being led out of the home.

Cleveland Police spokesperson Evie West said this is the first officer-involved shooting in over a decade. ..Source.. by

Cleveland Family Speaks After Violent Sex Offender Shot Dead

Robert Edwin Eaves is a registered Tennessee sex offender. Back in 2006, he was convicted of criminal attempt to commit rape. Four years later, Eaves was released.

Sam Hensley believes her daughter became a target once the sex offender was back on the street. "At that point, he started this vengeance revenge to get her for sending him to prison."

Early Tuesday morning, TBI investigators say the Cleveland man abducted his 28-year-old neighbor, forced her inside her car, and made her drive to the home on South West Phillips Street.While the house belonged to the woman that he felt was responsible for putting him behind bars, only her three unsuspecting children were home.

"There was my 16-year-old grandson, 9-year-old granddaughter, and seven year old grandson those three children in the home. The young lady was handcuffed inside her vehicle in the car port. They did not know she was out there," adds Hensley. TBI investigators say Eaves broke into this house and showed the children his weapons. "He, at some point, took my 16-year-old grandson and took him by knife and took him out of the carport to unhand-cuff the young lady that was being held in the car."

When Eaves stepped out, Hensley says he took his eyes off the smaller children and the 9-year-old girl quickly divised a plan with her 7-year-old brother. "She told him, the seven-year-old, "You've got to get to the phone and call mommy. You've got to hurry!"

And somehow, he did. "He called his mother at work and said there's a man here who has tied us up. He's threatening to kill us you've got to come home!" Hensley says Eaves caught the boy trying to call for help and hung up, but the children's mother had already decided to call police.

Cleveland police arrived within minutes and found Eaves wielding a knife in the doorway. Hensley and the TBI say Cleveland Police had no choice, but to take him down.

To listen to a portion of the 911 Tape, CLICK HERE: ..Source.. by

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