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Sex offender is latest Wichita homicide victim

12-26-2014 Kansas:

WICHITA, Kan. -- A registered sex offender is the victim of Wichita's latest homicide. The neighbor who called police after the victim showed up on his porch is talking tonight. "Having Someone, your neighbor, come over and just die right on your porch. It was a terrible thing before Christmas," said Jim Ormerod.

He was home at 11:30 P.M. on Christmas Eve listening to a sermon before bed when his Christmas was changed for good. His 32 year-old neighbor Steven Manuel was bleeding. A 16 year old boy was with the victim begging for help.

"They were both over here", Ormerod explains. "I mean he was laying on the ground blood all over everything. But it was the young boy that asked me to call 911 and that's basically what i did."

When police arrived they transported Manuel to Via Christi Saint Francis. He died at the hospital shortly after. Ormerod lived next door to Manuel for a few years, but never saw the 16 year old before. A young man will likely never forget.

"He didn't have a shirt on and Steven was laying there in his underwear with no shirt on. There was blood everywhere. all over my house," Ormerod continued. "He looked scared. He did, you know. And he wasn't running he wasn't trying to get away from no one."

Police arrested the 16 year-old for murder, but not before he had a chance to talk to the Ormerod family.

"He was telling my wife that this man was trying to rape him. You could tell even when I saw him that he was scared, but you know that's just what he told us. We didn't see anything transpire," Ormerod said.

Kansas correction records show Manuel served time for sexual explotation of child under the age of 16. Police say Manuel and the teen arrested in his death knew each other. ..Source.. by Gloria Balding

Registered Sex Offender Is Wichita's 26th Homicide Of The Year

WICHITA, Kan.(KAKE) -- Wichita Police have identified the victim of a Christmas Eve stabbing in West Wichita.

He's Steven Manuel, 32, a registered sex offender. Manuel was stabbed multiple times by a 16 year old boy during a disturbance at his home on Christmas Eve.

A next door neighbor told KAKE Television in Wichita Manuel died at his parents back door wearing only his underwear.

The neighbor says the teen was there as well and told his parents he was scared for his life and stabbed Manuel in self-defense.

The 16 year-old suspect has been booked into jail on murder charges.

Police are still looking into the relationship between Manuel and the 16 year-old.

The Kansas Department of Corrections records show Manuel served time for sexual exploitation of a child and was also on the state's list of registered sex offenders.

This is Wichita's 26th homicide of the year. ..Source.. by

Steven Manuel: Sex Offender Killed By 16-Year-Old Boy He Allegedly Tried To Rape

Steven Manuel, a Kansas sex offender, was stabbed to death on Christmas Eve. According to the latest report by KAKE, the man was stabbed inside his home, but managed to walk across the street to a neighbors home, where he collapsed and died wearing nothing but his underwear.

According to law enforcement officials, they were dispatched to the scene on a disturbance call on Christmas Eve in the 400 block of South Knigh at around 11:30 p.m. When they arrived, they found the body of a white male lying unresponsive on the ground at a neighbor’s home with stab wounds to the chest and back areas.

Jim Ormerod, a neighbor, told police that he was disturbed by a knock at the door, and when he answered, he saw a man, identified as Steven D. Manuel, on the ground with blood all over him. A 16-year-old boy was with him. The boy told the neighbor to call 911 for help, before telling the neighbor’s wife that Steven D. Manuel had grabbed his penis and tried to rape him. The stabbing, he said, was a result of self defense. The neighbor described the chaotic scene this way, according to Eye Witness News-12.
“Steven was laying on the ground in his underwear and no shirt, blood all over him and big gashes. This young boy was standing there and I was checking him out real good to make sure there wasn’t any guns or knives or anything like that and I didn’t see any. As far as did we know what really happened, what really transpired. But it was a gory sight and I don’t wish it on anybody.”
Medics transported the victim to the local hospital, where they officially pronounced him dead.

Despite the explanation of self defense, the boy was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He was transported to the Segwick County Jail.

As for Steven Manuel, a background records check indicates that he served time in a Kansas correctional facility for sexually molesting a child.

A bevy of comments from readers regarding sex offender Steven Manuel’s death range from sympathetic to gleeful.
“Let the boy go!! The man was trying to rape him its self defense!”

“I believe every life has value, but some more than others. If that boy was the victim of attempted rape, I’m grateful it was the rapist who was killed and not the victim.”

“Ummm how is this murder and not self defense. Try to find a jury to convict the kid… Won’t happen.”

“Good riddance!!! I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. If anyone ever does anything to my child I will go to prison forever for putting a bullet in their head. There’s one thing I don’t play about and that’s children or youth.”
So far police, have not given details on what preceded the stabbing. It is also unclear how the dead sex offender and the boy knew one another. Neighbors say the 16-year-old boy looked frightened as he watched the man die. The name of the 16-year-old boy has not been made public. In June, the Inquisitr reported on the case of a father who killed the sex offender who molested his daughter. ..Source.. by

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