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Court documents shed new light on Lake Isabella murder

5-22-15 California:

BAKERSFIELD, CA- A Lake Isabella man allegedly beat his roommate to death last month after he learned the roommate may have molested two children.

That's according to new court documents, obtained by 17 News.

Sheriff's deputies say 48-year-old Kirk Haag was physically assaulted by 31-year-old Raymond Tenorio on April 25 on Curran Avenue in Lake Isabella.

According to court documents two days before the incident Tenorio's wife told him that Haag may have molested two of her children.

She says Tenorio was drinking that night and that is what caused him to lose control and assault Haag.

Tenorio's wife told deputies her and her husband are both sex assault victims.

The documents state a witness told deputies that Haag was a registered sex offender.

Tenorio has pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder.

He is due back in court next month. ..Source.. by 17 News

Reports: Lake Isabella man allegedly beat roommate to death for molesting child

A Lake Isabella man allegedly beat his roommate to death after he was informed the roommate had molested a child close to him, according to investigative reports that became available Wednesday.

Raymond Tenorio is charged with murder in the death of 48-year-old Kirk Haag, with whom he shared a double-wide mobile home in the 1700 block of Curran Avenue. Haag died five days after the assault.

The reports filed by Kern County sheriff’s investigators say deputies responded to the mobile home at 10:40 p.m. April 24 for a report of an assault in progress. They were directed to the first bedroom and found Haag lying facedown, his head in a pool of blood and wedged underneath the bed between the bedframe and the floor.

Haag was unconscious and appeared to stop breathing as deputies evaluated him. He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital with major injuries including severe fractures to both orbital bones and multiple broken ribs.

The reports say witnesses identified Tenorio, 31, as the assailant. He fled the scene before deputies arrived.

Witnesses said they heard a scuffle inside a room where Tenorio and Haag had been drinking a gallon of vodka together, the reports say. Multiple people told investigators they looked into the room and saw Tenorio punching Haag in the head while Haag was prone on the floor.

“He deserved it, child molesting piece of (expletive deleted),” Tenorio said, according to a witness statement to investigators.

Tenorio’s wife told detectives she had recently been told Haag had molested a child close to Tenorio, and she shared that information with Tenorio two days before the assault. The Megan’s Law website shows Haag is a registered sex offender convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 in a case unrelated to the allegations made by Tenorio’s wife.

The wife also said both she and Tenorio are victims of sexual abuse, according to the reports.

Tenorio was arrested in the Oxnard area on April 29 and is being held on $1 million bail. His next hearing is scheduled for June 10. by Jason Kotowski

Lake Isabella man sentenced in beating death of child molester

Raymond Tenorio was furious upon learning a man who lived in the double-wide where he and his family were staying had allegedly molested his daughter.

But he didn’t immediately take action. Tenorio waited at least a week, enough time to “cool off,” prosecutors said, before brutally beating the man in a bedroom of the trailer.

That beating, which resulted in the death of 48-year-old Kirk Haag, plus Tenorio’s history of resolving problems with his fists, led a Kern County judge to sentence him to 17 years in prison Tuesday.

Before trial, Tenorio rejected a plea offer that would have put him behind bars for 12 years.

In a written statement read by defense attorney Nichole Shuck, Tenorio said he did what any father would have done upon finding his child had been victimized.

“My children mean the world to me,” Tenorio wrote. “I would gladly give my life for them.”

“I snapped, I lost control, and I killed him,” he wrote.

The 32-year-old was found guilty May 2 of voluntary manslaughter. A jury acquitted him of first-degree murder and a lesser charge of second-degree murder, either of which would have resulted in life terms.

Judge John R. Brownlee sentenced Tenorio to the mid term of 12 years in prison for the manslaughter conviction. That sentence was enhanced by five years due to a prior felony strike conviction in which he beat an elderly man with his own cane.

Shuck filed a motion asking Tenorio’s prior strike not be considered at sentencing, but Brownlee denied it, noting Tenorio’s pattern of recidivism and an increasing level of violence in the crimes he committed.

Prosecutor David Wilson said Tenorio presented an unreasonable risk to the public. In a previous incident, Tenorio punched a man 30 to 40 times for making a comment about his girlfriend, and another time he got into a fight over alcohol, the prosecutor said.

“It takes very little to provoke him, and he engages in violence rather than any other option,” Wilson said.

Tenorio smiled after sentencing as he spoke with Shuck.

The case began when Kern County sheriff's deputies responded April 24 to a double-wide in the 1700 block of Curran Avenue for a report of an assault. They found Haag lying facedown in a bedroom of the trailer, blood streaming from his head.

Witnesses told investigators they heard sounds of a fight coming from the room, and when they entered they saw Tenorio punching Haag in the head while he was prone on the floor.

Tenorio fled before deputies arrived, and was arrested in Oxnard April 29, the same day Haag died. An autopsy revealed Haag suffered blunt force trauma to his head and brain, and broken ribs.

Tenorio killed Haag between one to two weeks after finding out Haag had molested his daughter, prosecutors said. Enough time had passed from when Tenorio learned of the molestation to when Haag was killed, prosecutors said, that Tenorio couldn’t argue he killed him in the heat of passion.

Haag was a registered sex offender who had been convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 in an unrelated case.

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