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Courtroom applauds as New Jersey man admits fatally stabbing Boy Scout leader he says molested him

6-18-15 New Jersey:

A New Jersey man admitted in court to fatally stabbing the Boy Scout leader who he says repeatedly molested him as a child — to thunderous applause in the courtroom.

Clark Fredericks pleaded guilty Wednesday in Newton, N.J., to passion provocation manslaughter in the brutal slaying of retired correction officer Dennis Pegg three years ago.

Pegg was stabbed more than 20 times in his neck, chest and stomach, authorities say.

“From the time I was 8 years old until I was 12 years old, I was sexually assaulted and raped by Dennis Pegg,” Fredericks told the court in his impassioned plea, CBS in New York reported.

“It started with him wanting to touch my scar that I had through open-heart surgery at the age of 6,” Fredericks continued. “It progressed to wrestling matches and eventually led to him raping me.”

Fredericks told the court that Pegg had told him he had sexual relations with one of Fredericks’ friends, who would later commit suicide in 1983, CBS reported. Fredericks said that Pegg, a "respected law enforcement officer," threatened to kill him if he "told anyone about our secret," CBS reported.

Child pornography was found on Pegg's computer, reported.

The 49-year-old Fredericks said his actions were triggered by the case of former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, a convicted serial child molester.

"My reaction to seeing Sandusky get out of that car with his lawyer is that Dennis Pegg would never be held accountable,” Fredericks said, according to CBS. “The next day — June 12, 2012 — my shell cracked. My mind flooded with images, memories, anger and mostly shame.

“At the end, I slit his throat,” Fredericks said.

Fredericks is facing five to 10 years in prison as part of his plea deal. He will be sentenced in August. ..Source.. by David Boroff

Unrepentant killer APPLAUDED in court after admitting slitting throat of scout leader

A self-confessed killer was applauded in court as he detailed how he brutally stabbed a former scout leader to death.

Clark Fredericks, 49, was unapologetic as he described in detail how he knifed Dennis Pegg several times and slit his throat during the fatal attack at his home in New Jersey in 2012.

Sobbing in the dock, Fredericks claimed the killing was revenge for years of sexual abuse Pegg, 68, carried out on him and others when he was a boy.

After finishing his account of what happened, members of the public gallery clapped as he was led back to the cells.

Fredericks admitted manslaughter by means of passion or provocation, rather than murder - a plea prosecutors accepted.

He faces five to ten years in jail when he sentenced in September, CBS News reports.

Fredericks told the judge Pegg, a Boy Scout leader from 1973 to 1980, had sexually assaulted and raped him from the age of eight to 12-years-old.

"It started with him wanting to touch my scar that I had through open-heart surgery at the age of six," Fredericks said.

It progressed to wrestling matches and eventually led to him raping me."

Fredericks claimed he finally "cracked" after seeing a news report about a football coach facing sexual abuse charges on TV.

He believed as a former police officer and Scout leader, no one would believe his allegations.

Fredericks was driven to Pegg's house by a friend before walking in his open door and carrying out the killing.

No family or friends of Pegg has made a public statement following his death.

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