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Oklahoma City police investigating rape complaint shoot, kill convicted sex offender

7-24-15 Oklahoma:

Oklahoma City police shot and killed a convicted sex offender Wednesday while investigating a rape complaint. Andre Dontrell Williams, 26, was wanted after a woman reported she was held against her will and raped repeatedly at a home in northeast Oklahoma City.

A convicted sex offender was shot and killed Wednesday by Oklahoma City police investigating a rape complaint.

Andre Dontrell Williams, 26, of Oklahoma City, was wanted for questioning after a woman reported she was held against her will and repeatedly raped Tuesday evening inside a northeast Oklahoma City house.

The victim, who went to the residence willingly, managed to escape Wednesday morning. She went to a hospital where she provided a description of her attacker and the house where she was raped, police Capt. Paco Balderrama said.

That information led officers to 1308 NE 24, where Williams was found hiding under a bed and armed with a knife, police reported.

Officers ordered Williams to come out from under the bed and he emerged with the knife in his hand. Police used a stun gun to try and disarm him, Balderrama said.

Williams was shot about 5:15 p.m. when he lunged at one of the officers with the knife.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, Balderrama said.

The four officers who fired at Williams have been identified as Sgt. Robert Labadie, Sgt. Wesley Breaux, Sgt. Karl Pulliam and officer Daniel Carli. The officers are on administrative leave pending an investigation. It was the eighth officer-involved shooting of the year; seven of them have been fatal.

During a search of the house, police found evidence supporting the victim’s account that she was held against her will and sexually assaulted, Balderrama said.

Prior arrests

Williams pleaded guilty to second-degree rape in April 2011.

Court records show Williams met a 14-year-old girl through an Internet chat website in May 2008. Williams, 19 at the time, met with the girl after she arranged a meeting at her Oklahoma City residence, police reported.

The girl told police they had consensual intercourse and that she only knew Williams by the chat name 'E-Pleasure.' She also believed he was 16 years old, court documents show.

The victim became pregnant and gave birth in February 2009. One year later, a paternity test stated it was a 99.99 percent probability Williams was the biological father of the baby, court documents show.

Williams was sentenced to serve a five-year suspended sentence, court records show.

Williams was charged with one count of attempted first-degree rape and two counts of kidnapping in June 2014. All counts were dismissed in June 2015 after prosecutors found additional information that contradicted what the alleged victim reported.

First Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland said the woman testified untruthfully which "crippled" the prosecution's case.

The woman from the June 2014 case told police she was forced at gunpoint by Williams to drive to the same address where he was shot by police Wednesday. She told police Williams attempted to handcuff and rape her but she fought him off and escaped to a neighboring house.

Rowland said it was discovered through further investigation that the alleged victim went to the address willingly and wasn't forced into the home at gunpoint.

State department of corrections records show Williams was on probation at the time he was shot by police for crimes including possession of a controlled dangerous substance, assault and battery on a police officer, eluding a police officer and desertion of children under the age of 10. ..Source.. by Kyle Schwab

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