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Robbery suspect killed at KFC by police has extensive criminal record

1-18-16 Missouri:

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - There is more information about the man shot and killed by St. Louis police last night during an alleged armed robbery at a Kentucky Fried Chicken. The man known as "Big Wes" is gone, and now new information is surfacing about his past troubles with the law.

St. Louis City Police continue to investigate the shooting that happened near Gravois And Grand Avenue. According to investigators Crayton West, 52, robbed the KFC and pointed a gun at a police Sargent when confronted at the restaurant.

The officer who was called to the scene by a witness. He fired at West, killing him.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that West became a registered sex offender in 1980 for assaulting a teenaged boy. He also served time for robbing seven restaurants in October of 1986. FOX 2 is also told West was recently dealing with financial issues.

Police say the encounter was caught on camera inside of the restaurant. So far both the video and name of the officer have not been released.

The officer who shot West Is a 13 year veteran of the force. He was not wearing a body camera at the time. At this point the Force Investigation Unit is looking at the case.

FOX 2 also tried to reach the West family by phone. So far there has been no response. ..Source.. by

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