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Search Warrants: South St. Paul Teacher, Husband Investigated for Sexual Contact with Boys

Murder-Suicide: Both were accused of sexual offenses. see article

8-31-2016 Minnesota:

New details are emerging about the investigation into a South St. Paul teacher and his husband who were found dead in Washington State.

Graphic court documents detail that at least three teenagers reported they had been sexually assaulted by 40-year-old Aric Babbitt and 36-year-old Matthew Deyo.

Babbitt and Deyo were found dead on Lopez Island north of Seattle last Thursday. Both died from gunshot wounds, and their deaths were ruled murder-suicide; San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs said a suicide note was found that said the couple had visited the island years ago and loved it.

According to search warrants, a 16-year-old boy and his parents reported a sexual assault to police on Aug. 14.

The teenager said Babbitt had been his teacher and mentor and was in charge of him while volunteering at Lincoln Center Elementary.

The teenager told police that Babbitt and Deyo said they would take him to a jazz concert in Minneapolis in April and would treat him to a hotel stay. While at the hotel, Babbitt and Deyo provided the boy with alcohol and marijuana, and he became intoxicated, according to the search warrant.

The teenager then described a sexual encounter to police and said he “did not want to do this but felt unsure about how to say no," according to court documents.

A few weeks later, Babbitt and Deyo took the teenager and his friend to Babbitt’s cabin in Crow Wing County, where they supplied the teens with alcohol and marijuana. Both teens said they were sexually assaulted during the visit.

The teenager eventually told his parents what was happening with Babbitt and Deyo. He said he didn’t want to have sex with them but felt pressured to do so or that he was drunk or high and couldn’t give consent, according to the search warrant.

After learning about the alleged assaults, the victim’s brother became upset because a former student had told him about sexual contact that happened with Babbitt and Deyo and the brother had promised to keep it a secret, according to the search warrant.

In an interview with police, the third victim said Babbitt had been like a father figure to him. He said Babbitt asked him if he wanted to hang out at his house one night shortly after he turned 16. The victim said Babbitt and Deyo gave him alcohol and marijuana and said Deyo touched him inappropriately.

South St. Paul Schools Superintendent Dave Webb says Babbitt was put on paid leave after the district learned of the allegations Aug. 17. Webb says Babbitt had worked with the district since 2002 and that his latest teaching job was at Lincoln Center Elementary. ..Source.. by Jennie Lissarrague

Teacher, Husband In Murder-Suicide Under Child Sex Crime Investigation

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The South St. Paul school teacher and his husband found dead last week were both under investigation for sexually assaulting minors.

The couple’s bodies were discovered in Washington state on Thursday, in what police describe as a murder-suicide.

Aric Babbitt, 40, was a longtime teacher at Lincoln Center Elementary in South St. Paul. He lived with his husband, 36-year-old Matthew Deyo, in a house on 5th Avenue South.

Court papers show that earlier this month a 16-year-old former student and his parents went to South St. Paul police with a disturbing allegation.

The teen accused Babbitt of sexual assault and turned over some Polaroid pictures of himself naked with the teacher.

He said Babbitt became his mentor when he came out as gay to his family.

The teenager described how Babbitt and his husband took the teenager to a hotel and Babbitt’s cabin for sex, using marijuana and alcohol to get the teenager intoxicated.

A transgender friend of the boy was also at the cabin and said she thought she was drugged.

Court papers detail another encounter in a rented room in downtown Minneapolis during Pride Week.

The teenager says he eventually had a breakdown and told his parents and brother what had been happening.

His brother became upset because another former student had told him about sexual contact with Babbitt and Deyo.

South St. Paul police launched a criminal investigation which triggered the school district to place Babbitt on paid leave in mid-August.

A search warrant of the couple’s home shows investigators were looking for any signs of drugs or child pornography.

The couple’s neighbors are shocked by the murder-suicide and had no idea of the allegations.

“It gives you cause to pause,” said Gerren Bond, who lives a couple of houses down the street. “It scares me for a lot of different reasons. Especially as a person having kids.”

Court documents show police did find a variety of computers, cameras and containers with what appeared to be marijuana in the couple’s home.

South St. Paul police are not commenting on the case because they say it is still an active investigation. by Angela Davis

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