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Sex offender found bound, killed in Phoenix auto parts shop

6-7-2016 Arizona:

PHOENIX - A registered sex offender has been killed in Phoenix. Police discovered the body of 73-year-old Reginald Locke inside his home near 24th Street and Roosevelt after he was reported missing Monday night.

Phoenix police say Locke was found bound with trauma to his body.

Aaren Shivers and his wife Irene Piper just can’t believe their neighbor was found dead.

"It’s very bad, and it’s disturbing really, because I’m literally right next door," said Shivers.

Police believe Locke lived in an area of Fred’s Auto Parts and Machine Shop. Locke was reported missing Monday night, but then found dead at about 11 a.m. Tuesday.

“The victim was restrained with signs of trauma to his body," said Sgt. Vince Lewis of the Phoenix Police Dept.

Police still don’t have a motive, however 12 News did some digging and found a mug shot of Locke from June of 2002. He was arrested for attempting to molest a child. Locke was convicted and served eight years in the Department of Corrections.

Shivers said he didn’t see anything in the hours leading up to the time investigators showed up.

“Less than 24 hours from today, I just saw the man working on his car and helping some other unfortunate people," he said. Shiver's family knew Locke as “Anthony” and told us he was a kind, giving man who gave their kids special gifts.

"How many people do you know that would just come and buy five kids bikes?" said Piper. "They just bought this cake yesterday, because I couldn’t afford to get a cake."

If you have any information tied to this case, call police or silent witness at 480-WIT-NESS. You can remain anonymous. ..Source.. by Trisha Hendricks and 12 News , KPNX

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