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Prisoner Tells the Simple Reason He Killed His Child Molester Cell Mate

10-16-2016 Michigan:

If you had any doubt that prisoners who are sentenced for crimes against children, especially crimes of a sexual nature, serve extra hard time while locked away in prison, let this story remind you that they almost always do, one way or another.

That was the case with convicted child molester Theodore Dyer, a 67-year-old man who was incarcerated in Michigan’s Saginaw Regional Correctional Facility for a “really bad case” of child molestation. His cellmate, Steven D. Sanidson, killed him in the middle of the night for it.

“The reason I killed him was because he was a child molester,” Sandison told a judge when asked why he murdered his cellmate.

Sandison, a 51-year-old man who was already serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a murder he committed in 1991, gave a detailed account of the killing to his lawyer, James Gust.

“That night he was trying to justify why he did it, and I told him to keep quiet and that he’d have to leave in the morning, find a new cell. But he continued to talk about it, try to justify it,” Sandison said.

The murder weapon was a cord he had in his cell, which he used to strangle Dyer after pummeling him with punches to the face.

“So, he was a little bit bigger than me, so I got down, and I hit him in his face a few times. When he fell, I wrapped a cord around his neck and I took his life,” Sandison said of the killing.

Even though he was already serving a life sentence, that doesn’t mean Sandisan can or should get away with killing another inmate, regardless of how many people might agree that it was understandable.

Sandison was charged with second-degree murder and will face a judge for new sentencing in April. In the meantime, he was moved to a maximum security correctional facility in Iowa (H/T Opposing Views).

Any crime against a child, especially sexual crimes, deserves severe punishment.

While we would never encourage the killing of another human being under such circumstances, many would probably say that the violent child molester got what was ultimately coming to him. ..Source.. by TVN

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