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Nebraska Man Arrested In Vigilante Killing Of 27 Sex Offenders

Douglas Webber, a 36-year old Nebraska man, has been arrested in connection with the vigilante killing of 27-registered sex offenders. According to reports, the 27-victims were all registered sex offenders that lived within an 8-mile radius of Webber’s Torrington, Nebraska, home.

According to reports, upon his arrest, Webber admitted to police that he had been involved in the 27-murders and told arresting officers that he been attempting to make his neighborhood a safer place for his 11-year old step-son.

According to a statement made by Jeanette Webber (Douglas Webber’s wife of 7-months) to ABC affiliate reporter Katherine Pierce, Douglas was a great husband and father to her 11-year old son Tyler. According to Jeanette, her son, who had been a victim of abuse in 2014, was very anxious and nervous about change, especially when it’s a change pertaining to his environment and was having a difficult time adapting to the move to his new step-father’s home (located about 35-miles north of the house he previously shared with his mother). etc etc etc etc baloney baloney baloney

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