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Inmates found dead are identified

This post is to record death of Donald Peacock

5-11-15 Nebraska:

Both of the prison inmates found dead inside a housing unit at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution Monday morning were child sex offenders serving long sentences.

Donald Peacock was a year into a 40-to-50-year sentence from Dodge County, and Shon Collins had served about five years of a 66-to-80-year sentence out of Box Butte County.

Both men were 46. Prison officials believe both were killed by other inmates.

State Corrections Director Scott Frakes said it's possible inmates took advantage of the situation to settle existing grievances, and a former Tecumseh prison employee said it's probably not a coincidence that the two were convicted of the same crime.

"You almost can bet the offense is due to the crime," said the former employee. "It's striking that they were both child perps and the only two that died. ...

"It would appear that someone found a good chance and took it," he said.

When Peacock was sentenced in March 2014, prosecutors said he used hidden cameras to make child pornography and that he sexually assaulted a boy on a weekly basis for more than seven years.

Peacock's attorney said his client was sorry and had accepted responsibility for his actions.

"Mr. Peacock, the conduct that you perpetrated on the victim in this case is despicable and depraved," Dodge County District Judge Geoffrey Hall said in sentencing him. "You preyed on this young man, and there is no excuse for this conduct.”

Collins was sentenced to 66 to 80 years in prison after meeting an Alliance teenager online and driving from his home in Leavenworth, Kansas, to have sex with her at a motel. She was 13.

He was sentenced in Box Butte County.

At the time, investigators said he had more than 4,000 pornographic photos of children and 190 video files of child pornography. ..Source.. by Lincoln Journal Star

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