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Autopsy conducted Monday on man killed by Bend police

12-27-16 Oregon:

Officials quiet about vehicle search and autopsy of man shot and killed during traffic stop

An autopsy on Michael Jacques, 31, who was shot and killed by Bend police during a Friday night traffic stop, was conducted Monday, as was a search of the vehicle Jacques had been driving. But details about the incident remain thin.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said he was expecting the preliminary autopsy report from the state Medical Examiner’s Office as well as the results of the police search of Jacques’ 2002 Dodge Caravan on Monday, but he declined to comment on either.

“I’m not going to be releasing anything today,” he said Monday, adding that more information would probably be available in about a week, after witness interviews were complete and when he’s “confident that releasing information won’t impact the investigation.”

The identities of the officers, who are both on paid administrative leave, haven’t been released. During a news conference Saturday, Bend Police Chief Jim Porter said both officers are in good standing with the department and that one has 15 years’ experience and the other has seven years’ experience.

Meanwhile, Jacques’ mother, who lives in Bend and was contacted by phone Monday, declined to answer questions about the incident but said she’d be interested in “setting the record straight” at some point in the future.

Bend Police Lt. Clint Burleigh referred questions to Oregon State Police, the lead agency in the investigation.

OSP Captain Bill Fugate wasn’t available for comment Monday.

Hummel said the results of the autopsy would reveal details about the shooting, which led to Jacques being pronounced dead at the scene near Bond Street and Franklin Avenue around 10:30 p.m. Friday. Such details include how many times Jacques was shot, the angles of bullet entry, and what position he was in when he was shot, Hummel said.

According to a 911 dispatch log released at a press conference Saturday, shots were fired at 10:31:15 p.m. and at 10:31:27 p.m.

In a cellphone video that a witness provided to a local TV news station Monday, the sounds of what seems to be at least four gunshots can be heard.

It’s unknown if Jacques was armed.

During the Saturday conference, Hummel and Porter said that a Bend police officer stopped Jacques at the intersection of Franklin and Bond after 911 callers reported a white minivan erratically southbound on Third Street near Butler Market Road. A second officer arrived soon afterward.

The officers, who reportedly suspected Jacques of driving under the influence of intoxicants, tried to arrest him shortly after 10:30 p.m. but he didn’t cooperate. Officers then deployed a Taser “without effect,” Hummel said during the conference. No reason has been given for what Jacques did after that to trigger the use of deadly force.

On Monday, Hummel told The Bulletin that the Taser “didn’t subdue the subject who was struck,” and said that the ongoing investigation will look into why that was.

“You’ll often see that in winter months Tasers don’t work because people are wearing multiple layers of clothing — that could be a possibility,” he said. “Or it could be that the Taser malfunctioned. Or it could be something else.”

According to court records Jacques, was charged in July with second-degree disorderly conduct, harassment and attempting to assault Bend Police officer Ryan Tiktin. Jacques pleaded no contest in November and was sentenced to one year probation and 12 days in jail.

A state of California sex offender registry shows that Jacques, a registered sex offender, was also convicted of committing lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age in 2007. ..Source.. by Aaron West, The Bulletin

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