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M.E. Identifies Man Shot By Lynnwood Officer in Everett

12-17-16 Washington:

Just received the latest update from Shari Ireton on the shooting in Everett Saturday night. Investigators say there may not have been an actual physical struggle between the Lynnwood PD officer and the suspect on Grand street. Here is the release…

The investigation into an officer-involved shooting that occurred in Everett last Saturday night continues. Evidence gathered in the investigation showed that the 44 year-old suspect made multiple threats to the female victim via text and phone messages earlier that day.

The messages left by the suspect also indicated that he would kill police. Evidence gathered in the investigation does not show that the suspect was at the exact location where the victim was (the 17500 block of 54th Pl, Lynnwood) at the time those threats were made. Based on messages he sent to the victim, the suspect implied he was in the area, watching Lynnwood officers interact with the victim at her residence.

Two civilian witnesses gave a description to investigators of the confrontation between the Lynnwood officer and the suspect at the 3900 block of Grand Ave. Witnesses stated that the suspect threw objects as he approached the officer, while the officer gave verbal commands to the suspect.

Witnesses also stated the suspect did not follow the officer’s commands and he continued to advance towards the officer, reaching for his gun. In gathering evidence from the scene, two heavy metal balls were recovered, but no weapons were found. It has not been confirmed whether the suspect and officer engaged in a physical struggle. The other two Lynnwood officers in the area told investigators they heard the confrontation between the police officer and suspect, but did not visually witness it.

Identification of the suspect, as well as cause and manner of death, will be determined by the Snohomish County Medical Examiner.

The incident is being investigated by Snohomish County Multi-Agency Response Team, a team of detectives from various Snohomish County law enforcement agencies who respond to and investigate police use-of-force incidents in the county. ..Source.. by Police Blotter

Man shot by police was sex offender with long criminal history

EVERETT — A man who was shot and killed by police in Everett on Dec. 17 was a sex offender with a lengthy criminal record.

Detectives allege that Chassady LeClair, 44, was harassing an ex-girlfriend before they confronted him, according to new court papers.

LeClair, a repeat felon, had a warrant for his arrest from the state Department of Corrections. He was under supervision for sexual exploitation of a minor, a conviction from Cowlitz County. He pleaded guilty in that case in 2008 after initially being charged with child molestation.

His former girlfriend called police about 6 p.m. Dec. 17. She said he was threatening to come to her home in Lynnwood and kill her. She said they had dated for about six months, but they broke up more than a year ago, according to search warrants filed recently in Snohomish County Superior Court.

The woman had made a similar police report in October, saying LeClair broke into her apartment and assaulted her.

On Dec. 17, he reportedly sent her pictures of copper balls, leading her to believe they were bullets, and a knife. He allegedly told her that he planned to kill her new boyfriend and any police officers who showed up.

Lynnwood police reviewed her text messages when they got to her house that evening. LeClair was listed in her phone as “Psycho.” One message read, “U will suffer before I let u die.” Another was, “Pigz can’t be there all the time.”

While the officer was looking at the woman’s phone, LeClair reportedly called. The woman put him on speakerphone and he allegedly said, “I’m gonna kill you. You’re gonna die.”

He called again and said he was watching her and could see her talking to police. He reportedly told the officers on speakerphone that, “I got a bullet for you!” He said he would shoot them when they were in their vehicles.

They didn’t learn until later that he may have been bluffing about his location.

The officers obtained court permission to conduct an emergency trace of LeClair’s phone. The phone pinged in the area of his new girlfriend’s house along Friday Avenue in Everett. The Lynnwood officers headed north.

In Everett, “while attempting to take him into custody, a struggle ensued and LeClair was shot by the police,” according to the search warrant. That happened about 11:30 p.m.

Witnesses later reported that LeClair threw what appeared to be metal balls at the officers. There are unconfirmed reports that he was reaching for the officer’s gun before the officer opened fire, said Shari Ireton, a spokeswoman for the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team. The team is tasked with investigating cases where police have used fatal force.

The former girlfriend from Lynnwood was interviewed again last week. Detectives asked her to turn over her phone as well, or they would get a search warrant. At that point, she reportedly began deleting files from her phone. She struggled with officers before they took the phone.

Multiple women have accused LeClair of domestic violence, court records show. One former partner told a Snohomish County judge in 2014 that his relationship with his children was limited by his probation restrictions on contact with minors. Years earlier she had accused him of choking her, shocking her with a stun gun and threatening to kill her. She later recanted some of her statements.

He was convicted in King County in 2007 with domestic violence assault and harassment involving a different woman. He also has convictions in Oklahoma for assault and burglary from the 1990s.

The Lynnwood officer who shot LeClair is 30 years old. He has been with the department about four years and previously worked in Arizona, Ireton said.

The officer’s name has not been made public. He was put on leave, which is standard procedure.

SMART investigations often take six months to a year to complete. After that happens, Prosecuting Attorney Mark Roe will be asked to conduct a review to determine whether the use of force was justified.

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